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I'm offering my DT2159, which Del Tim Armi Antiche calls the "Venetian Backsword," though I have adopted my friend's name for it; the Venetian Chopper.

This is not a sword for thefty point-work. This is a cutter-down of Late 16th Century men. I got it to go with my Elizabethan Sea Dog kit, with its heavy armour; a project which, for reasons totally unrelated to this sword, I will not be completing.

It is 43.25" long, with 37" of blade. It weighs 3 pounds, 5 ounces with a balance point 4 inches up the blade.

The blade has been professionally sharpened on the fore edge and a little bit down the back edge.

I made a leather-over-wood scabbard for it, and included a chape from Tod Cutler. Tod would charge you a bit over $88 plus shipping, just for the chape.

You will notice a tiny blemish, down there by the point on the back edge. I could take it off with a Dremel, but don't have access to my shop.

Whomever buys it will be supplying money for my next rapier, so if you have one to trade we can PM about it, or we can just haggle over the money. If you have a DT5165 and just want something meatier, I would think a fair trade would include me sending you some money as well as this sword and scabbard for it.

Otherwise I'll just ship it to you in the United States, for $500.

PayPal gleefully accepted.

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Scabbard Stitching.jpg
Scabbard Stitching

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Sword in Scabbard

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Hilt Right Side [ Download ]

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Hilt Left Side [ Download ]