Tod just posted this video about a pattern welded sword based on a book, here below quoted from Tod's blurb about the sword as he can tell it better than I can:

Owen Bush, amazing pattern welder, teacher, sword smith and old friend was asked to make a Viking era sword from a novel. It is an extraordinary collaboration between Owen and Petr Florianek, with a blade of meteorite and pattern welded steel and hilted and scabbarded in carved bronze and bone.

He has never seen it finished, I have not seen it at all and it was a great excuse to visit Owen and talk swords with some pattern welding demonstration on the way.

This all came about because J.C.Duncan wrote a book called "A song of steel",​ set during a clash between Norse .........

Link to the video:

Also, an interesting demonstration about how Owen Bush uses contrasting plasticine to simulate pattern welding and figure out patterns before attempting them in iron and steel.