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I have a Albion the Next Generation the Duke with a scabbard from Christian Fletcher (one of his early works) that unfortunately has to leave my collection. The sword is in a very good condition, if not like new, I can't see any marks or scratches. The scabbard has some marks but is in very good condition as well.

I live in Sweden and my price therefore reflects what you have to pay to get them to Europe and not what you pay for them in the USA. The waiting time of over a year to get one from Albion or KoA, this one you can have in your hand within a week or so. Also, I'll not sell the Duke without the scabbard, they belong to each other.

I would like to have 1500 + shipping for the Duke with the scabbard. The price for Duke with shipping, customs and tax is about 1450 and a new scabbard from C Fletcher is more than 550 not including the shipping etc, but this one is an older model. I can ship all over the world as long as the buyer pays for the shipping cost. I'll choose the cheapest carrier or one of the buyers choice.


Let me know what you think and if you want more pictures.
Ulf Lidsman