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This is a very rare book, a catalogue of Turin's Royal Armoury. It is chock full of pictures (almost 40 color pictures and almost 400 black and white) of swords, rapiers, daggers, armour, firearms, and artwork from the Turin collection. It includes the famous Turin St. Maurice sword. All items pictured in the 390 black and white pics get descriptions that include some measurements. Yes, all the text is in Italian, but translating apps making reading it a cinch. This is the same publisher as Armi Bianche and other great Italian references. There were only 2,000 of these printed; this is number 1014. A great reference and a rare title. It typically sells from $250-300 when you can find it.

Condition (please read). This book had a rough ride on its way to me. Something sharp pierced the packaging during shipping (I would have packed it better), put a slit in the dust jacket, and damaged the rear cover (see pics). The corners and an edge of the front cover are also bumped. The previous owner also was a smoker, so there's a bit of smoke smell. That said, the book is solidly bound and totally useable. The damage to the inside of the rear cover could be reinforced with acid-free book tape (I have some if a buyer is interested in me reinforcing it).

Because of the condition, I'm asking $150 or best offer plus shipping. I'll also listen to interesting trade offers.

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