Spider Web quillon dagger

I'm looking for more information on this dagger, it is dubbed as the "Spiderweb dagger" on Tod's workshop.

It's a very interesting dagger, with a thick blade and feels like a shortsword in hand(I have small hands). However I cannot find any information on it not even a picture. The description on Tod's site is of 14th century English origin, and the trail seems to end there. Would like to know more about this pieces.

Thanks and merry christmas everyone.
Have you asked the maker for some more background on the history of the inspiration for the piece? I have no information or thoughts otherwise. I am curious as well as this piece has caught my attention.
The original is number X.7 in the Royal Armouries, should be accessible online. There is another similar one in Brussels.

Here it is. Thank you for the additional information Mark.
Thanks for the info, I searched over google for 14th century English dagger and nothing of the sort popped up. Again thanks alot.
HI Edward,

Yes you should have just asked!

The original isfrom the Royal Armouries and I thought it was unique, which I believe the RA also thinks, but Mark Lewis wrote
There is another similar one in Brussels.
. I would love to see this.

I will use the word unique until I see another, but either way very unusual. I have not seen anything like it and I am pretty sure the dating of the RA is more a guess than a known fact. The blade is a single edged and has the rather odd false edge sections on the back, but in and of itself hav ing slightly odd blade sections is not unusual so nothing too exciting there, it is mainly the clearly web inspired decoration that is curious. It does in fact have a similar blade to x1700 also at Leeds

The official pictures show the dagger as it is now, but I spent considerable time messing about with the images and reversing colour balance and crashing the contrast up and down and actually there is more detail left than the images reveal on the surface and the spiderweb motif is really there if you look deep enough.

I hope that helps

This 'back dagger' Royal Armouries X.7 reminds me of a backsword from the Castillion horde which James G. Elmslie studied. Some 15th century English armour has what might be cobwebbey motifs on the wings of the couters and poleyns doesn't it?
Leo Todeschini wrote:
I would love to see this.

Hi Leo,
I can offer only a couple low quality images that I found online at some point, I think it is from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts specifically.

[ Linked Image ]

[ Linked Image ]

I notice now that the Royal Armouries actually has a second dagger with the same style of cross. It is mentioned in the description of X.7, and is also online now: the number is X.689. This one they have dated to the 16th century - I'm guessing based on the pommel specifically, which does appear a later style... perhaps a replacement?
Thank you all for the input!

These image shows almost identical guard but not pommel, I wonder what they represent? It's an excellent repro you made Tod, I like the thick spine better than the original.

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