Hi all,
A number of years ago, before everyone and their dog had cellphones, my mother spotted a saber in a pawn shop window here in the western US that had a relative’s name engraved or etched into the blade. She ran home to get her checkbook, but the sword had been sold before she got back. I have since questioned her extensively about the weapon, and all she could tell me is that it had a brass and black leather hilt, not a basket hilt (she doesn’t remember just how many components), and a blade that looked like a 1796 light cavalry saber. Knowing that these blades were extremely popular, I have been trying to come up with a feasible construction as I’d like to make her a replica as a gift for her. I come here because I am hitting a wall. What we know is that Frederick redden may have served in World War One in the US army. Maybe cavalry, maybe not. We’re having trouble finding specifics. If anyone here has any input they’d be willing to share, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’d also be all too happy to include photos of the process of crafting the interpretation. Even better, if anyone has come across such a saber, I’d appreciate descriptions and pictures. Thanks!