Torture Thumbscrews? Original or Victorian Copy?
Wondering if this is an original or a Victorian copy. The engravings are very unique but not sure what there significance would be any input would be helpful.

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My input is not at all educated, but that does not look Medieval. While many sophisticated mechanisms were produced during the Medieval period, as exemplified by works such as this:

(Thanks to Mr. Jean Henri Chandler for posting links to that work on another forum)

...the object in question here does not strike me as having the same kind of bespoke "spark" that something truly Medieval would. On that note, I could be wrong, but such is my opinion.
Thanks for your response Michael! Nice photos.
The thread posts do appear to be very similar to this photo especially on the top👍🏻

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Just food for thought, could this be an authentic piece, but not a medieval one? Ive no knowledge on artifacts, but I do know that thumbscrews were used as late as the mid 1600s, and likely later, in both Great Britain and the Colonies.
Thanks Charles...its definitely a thumbscrew torture device. Just trying to pinpoint if its after the 1700s or before. Also it appears to have blood staining and blood rust putting on the bolt heads.
The engravings point towards it being made pre 1700s during the Puritan Movement.
I think it's 17th c.
I saw a very similar object that had a pretty firmly 17th c provenance in SE Germany. It could be a well done copy, I guess, but it might be hard to ever know for sure.
Hello Michael

I definitely am starting to feel as if its authentic! I guess the most important part would be identifying the purpose and maker of the engraving. I feel as if its pre 1700s and depicting the Puritan movement with the image of Christ on one side and a demon on the other side.

Thank you for your input!!

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With judging authenticity, one of the most important questions has yet to be asked, where did it come from?

Certain sources have greater potential for credibility. A well known collector or reputable auction house is more credible than Craigslist.
Don I agree with you 100% The piece come out of France from private collection unfortunately the provenance can go back only so far. Its definitely not an eBay or Craigslist item. I must treat this search for authenticity as its one of those items. I feel one whos familiar with engravings and blood rust can tell a lot from this piece.

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