This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Very good shape, minimal scratching. Very sharp convex edge and while slightly over 3 lbs, it handles well. This is the model with a 27" blade. It is a short, powerful cutter with good balance (around 3" after guard).

It comes with a basic DSA scabbard (pictured) that fits it well. Comes with the belt that you see, too, which is just something I riveted that wraps around the scabbard, that serves as a basic belt.

There is a small casting flaw on some of the letters on one side of the pommel (see photos). This same flaw is seen on other examples of this model.

The sword rings and the hilt is tight. It's probably 25 years old but I don't know for sure.

It's a great example of this model and I am only selling to cover other expenses.

$380 shipped paypal CONUS only. I would prefer using goods & services, which means you will need to add 3% to cover fees (1.03 * 380 = $391.40 as your total cost). Shipping will require signature.

Photos here: