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1845 Pattern Volunteer Artillery Officers Short Sword

This is a British artillery officer saber that probably belonged to an officer in the so-called voluntary movement, who seems to be the ones who wore these short sabers. The reason that they are short is probably due to the fact that they were carried by officers who served in fortifications where long sabers were impractical or that they were carried by officers in light artillery regiments where they sat on one knee next to the cannon and where the short saber did not reach the ground. There are no sources that give a clear picture.

An exact dating of this saber is not quite simple and the best we can achieve is a time span between which it is reasonably manufactured. The blade is of model 1845 and is still in use for the British artillery. It is probably a saber for an officer in the volunteer movement that existed between 1859-1908. I know nothing more about the Marshall & Atkin company in Edinburgh that it still existed in 1955. From this we can conclude that it was made sometime between 1859 and 1908 but given the design of the handle and blade I would guess that the saber is made some time in the 1860s.

The saber is in very good condition. The shagreen has only a few small spots it has been worn and the wire is complete with some loose threads. The blade has no notches and is more or less spotless. The scabbard has no dents but lacks the small pieces of wood that will hold the saber. The hilt is fixed and without play.

This is a fine saber that fills a place in every collection and the 1845 Pattern Volunteer Artillery Officers Short Sword is quite unusual and is usually sold for well over £400 in the UK. This example is in my opinion in much better condition than they usually are and would be a fine contribution to any collection.

My price: £400/$500/€450

Length: 75cm
Blade length: 62cm
Weight without scabbard: 663g
Total weight: 1120g

Shipping cost to the UK: £30
Shipping cost to the USA: $50
Shipping cost to Germany: €30
Shipping cost to France: €30

For other countries please send me a message and I’ll let you know.

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