Original type XVIa/XVIIIa's
I'm looking to commission a sword that my goal is to have as near a 1-1 reproduction of a surviving sword as is reasonable. I originally had my eyes set on the Brescia sword but looking at it it's not exactly the sword I want and if I'm honest I'd like something that's not as commonly reproduced. But I am still in love with that type XVIa/XVIIIa style blade. I was wondering are there any surviving swords that have a blade in the family with a faceted pear style pommel and either a straight or curved guard?

I have always liked this one. It may be more of a XVII but might be to your liking as well.


You might also ask Gael Fabre, Maciej Kopciuch, or Peter Johnsson for recommendations. I'm sure they have seen a few. Some examples only exist in art, too, which you can be sure these guys have studied.
It's not really my specialty but there are quite a lot of type XVIa/XVIIIa's in reasonable condition in the various museums. You didn't mention your location but maybe there is some museum in your area as well.

I would suggest to simply go through the museum photo collections that have been posted online and search for something you like and go from there.

Or, indeed, simply ask the sword smith of your chosing to suggest something. Possibly he can suggest something that he has been able to study personally and get some more insights from that then what you could learn from photo's from a book or online catalogue.

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