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$515 shipped CON US for the set. (Must sell as a set)

-Grips completely reworked; KOA states the original Cold Steel's grip length as being 3 3/8" long but this excludes the metal ferules at each end. Actual grip was over 4". WAY too long for a historical rapier.

-The grips are now ACTUALLY 3 3/8" long, and use genuine Korean ray skin over hand carved poplar wood core. The steel accents on the grip are stainless, so as not to interfere with hand sweat, etc.

-Pommel has been properly peened.

-Cold Steel's hideous factory gloss has been replaced with a hand-done satin finish.

-I don't have a precision scale, but weight and balance are very similar to the original specs albeit 1-2 ounces lighter.

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Link to KOA page on the original piece: