Kofun Ken measurements
Hey, does anyone have any measurements for the original or the reproduction of the ken in the link and photos?


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Wow that's a nice comparison the new and the old. I find the very early Japanese swords interesting. I doubt I have measurements but have quite a few Japanese sword books and happy to look through to see if they have pics and measurements of the original.

I have a few koto Japanese swords but nothing special (hozon kanteisho only). I do like them a lot though (particularly the Heian and Kamakura tachi) and used to visit the Tokyo sword museum when I lived in Japan many years ago. Unfortunately getting really good swords of the period I like costs an arm and a leg (and probably an ear and eyebrow).

I would be happy for any info you can provide on Jokoto and Koto era pieces. Iím particularly interested in early ken and warabitē-to, but would welcome work on early tachi (both Ďspellingsí). I am reading a lovely paper by Carlo Giuseppe Tacchini, and the detailed cross sections and metallurgy makes me want more data. There doesnít seem to be much available online for the warabitē-to, and as I donít read Japanese, my study of Kofun and earlier period ken is really limited.

I think Iíll open this up to basically any pre-Kamakura nihonto. The Heian stuff is interesting in a transitional sense too. Iíve read that average early tachi (Yamato eras and a bit later) had nagasa around 60-70 cm, but sometimes longer, with warabitē-to having 35-56 cm nagasa. Are those accurate measurements, and do you have any other specs?

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