since I sparred due to my injuries and nonstop inflammation, from the last Oct. Anyway, since this visitor Robert is coming for the second time to pick up his custom made lightweight European longsword RSW, and I didn't get to spar with him on the first time, I determined to spar with him this time around regardless of my injuries. The preparation I took was taking stronger NSAID from the night before, and the day after waking, then topical patches and 4 knee bracers. LOL. Robert had practiced longsword in UK for a while, and then switched to JSA in Hong Kong.

Here's are the footage of his visits:
Robert vs me. First his used his custom lightweight longsword and I was with No Remorse. Same length, mine is heavier and slower though. Then he switched to a custom katana that has complex european guard, and I switched to my nagamaki Reborn. He has speed advantage while I have reach advantage.
He sparred with students.
Another bout he sparred with student.