Donnie Shearer, "The Mad Piper" passes
Hello community, it is with sadness I must report that Donnie Shearer, AKA The Mad Piper, has passed away last night in Prescott, AZ. He had been ill for a few years, and was receiving care at the area VA. For those of you who didn't know of him, Donnie was a very talented maker of extremely accurate Scottish Basket-Hilted broadswords of the 17th and 18th centuries. He was a Marine Veteran, photographer, father and husband. He leaves his wife Gale and daughter Liz, as well as a gaping hole in the sword enthusiast community. Donnie was a good man, funny, a fantastic artist in steel, and very generous.

I had the pleasure of owning six of his replica Claymores, all based on originals from his personal collection (I still have two of them, which I will cherish forever). I also had the rare opportunity to handle each original sword in his collection, numbering over 40 swords, back in 2005 when he was living in Tennessee.

My wife and I will always remember making trips to visit Donnie and Gale, taking short road trips to Renaissance Faires, Highland Games and reenactments. He is one of the people responsible for my interest in Living History, and my Scottish Heritage in general.

Rest in peace, my friend. You were one of a kind. Hail the Traveler!

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.Certainly sorry to hear this. I am fortunate to own three of his swords which will be family heirlooms for us from now on. While I never spent a lot of time with him, what I did spend was quality time. He was a true craftsman and an interesting person. I wish his family well. My thanks to Christopher for posting this....
I'm very sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.
Donnie Shearer
I am heart broken to hear this news! Donnie was a truly amazing man! I never had the privilege of meeting him, but I have had the privilege of handling several of his swords, and I hope to own one of his swords one day! I was actually trying to get my money together for one of his Jacobite Hilt swords, but I was in college at the time, and I was not able to get my down payment together before he had to retire. Donnie was a marine, a combat photographer, and a true craftsman with a Glasgow Hammermen's Guild ticket to prove it! I will be having a dram and listening to The Lament for the Old Sword in his honor!
I am sorry to hear this. I, myself, am fortunate enough to have one of his swords in my collection of Scottish-style basket hilted swords. It's an interesting piece, an early regimental-style basket with a 1796-pattern saber blade and a stag grip. It may not be completely historically accurate (yes, there were basket-hilted sabers, but I haven't seen one with a 1796-pattern blade), but it is certainly unique and a quality piece which demonstrated Donnie's attention to detail.
Sad News
Very sad news, I have not talked with Donnie for several years but will miss his incite and knowledge. A true gentleman. I will lift a glass in his memory. Thank you Christopher for letting us know.


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