Swords Without Borders Fundraiser
Hi everyone,
Iím running a charity fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders. Unsurprisingly, itís called Swords Without Borders.

The basic gist: thereíll be a raffle with some really awesome prizes at the beginning of August. To gain entries (i.e. ďticketsĒ), you donate. For every $10 USD, you gain an entry.

BONUS: if you donate at least $10, you can also do a sword-related video between July 1 (which is this upcoming Wednesday!) and July 31, and if you tag the fundraiser and follow the rules (see the link below), you gain 5 bonus entries. The video with the most likes by the end of July 31 gets an additional 5 entries!

There are 14 prizes donated by some awesome, really generous sponsors:
-SPES USA - Cadet HEMA sparring jacket
-Handmade Revolution - Medieval Belt
-Freelance Academy Press - Burgundian Poleaxe (book)
-Freelance Academy Press - Flowers of Battle vol 1 (book)
-Freelance Academy Press - Flowers of Battle vol 3 (book)
-Jesse Belsky Stageswords - HEMA Sidesword
-Davis Reproductions - $300 USD Gift Certificate
-Davis Reproductions - Bauernwehr (knife) w/ tooled [amazing] leather sheath and by-knife
-TherionArms - Cold Steel MAA Halberd modified to be much more historical
-Storms Rising Leather - dagger belt rig with Cold Steel training dagger
-Arms & Armor - $250 USD gift certificate
-Arms & Armor - Sgian Dubh
-Purpleheart Armory - Shashka Cossack Trainer Kit (2 synthetic swords & 2 books)
-Me - a historical-styled leather tooled case for a book

The main page with rules and the place to donate is here:

If youíre a Facebooker, updates are regularly posted here:

And I have been doing a series of YouTube updates, including full descriptions of the prizes, here:
The video submissions officially start today, and go through the month!

There isnít much to watch yet (since itís the first day), but weíve already raised over $850!!!!

If you arenít participating (and I hope you do!), you can still watch the submissions. Remember that the one with the most likes by the end of the month gets bonus raffle entries, so please click the like button for your favorites! Hereís the playlist (to be updated often): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIo3LXFy2OOnt4zALlqN3sbzOfIJTUA1q

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