The thing that should not be....
Double handed Viking swords. Personally I feel that the possibility at least exsists. That being said I simply willed this sword into exsistance and this is what Ive found.
This sword Ive built can easily be weilded single handed.
That alone does not say they exsisted, but it is certainly interesting. While this is tecnically a fantasy piece, I aimed for some authenticity with regards to materials. I've yet to finish the scabbard. I am waiting on rhe mouth fitting and chape.
I welcome and and all opinions,comments critiques and will answer any questions you may have.Cheers!

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Difficult to comment on without seeing how it handles and seeing something to give an indication of scale.

I like the sword but don't see how it could be considered to be "viking".
It is not a bad start.

That being said there is lots of room for refinement. The grip portion of the hilt could be tapered down toward the pommel.

The rapping could be much tighter, now that is just from appearance on the photo, I have no idea what it really is like. Perhaps you could post some detail photos and over all photos with a ruler or yardstick for scale?

'Viking' swords did not have ricassos and generally the fuller extends under the guard to the tang.

The fittings are more Anglo-Saxon or Migration period

I think you should keep up the good work, keep enjoying your hobby and and swords.
What are the dimensions (blade length, overall length, weight, balance, etc)?
Hi Dave,

Thought you may find this (link below) discussion about two handed viking swords interesting if you haven't already had a look through it.
Thank you so much for the link. I will definitely check this out.
Also i will try to get some better photos with a ruler for referance

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