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This is a pretty rare book: Armi e Armature Lombarde by Lionello Boccia, Francesco Rossi, and Marco Morin.

This is probably even more rare than Boccia's much-sought-after Armi Bianche Italiane. It is a large book, taller than Armi Bianche. It has 362 pictures of Italian period art and arms and armour (including some firearms), mostly in black and white, though a good number are in colour. A spectacular book. As with other publications by Boccia, this is rich in high quality photographs. The Lombardic region of Italy has produced many fine examples of arms and armour, and this book really showcases them.

This book was published in 1980 and is in very good shape. The dust jacket is in good shape, as is the book in general. There is a minor bump to the bottom cover that you can see below.

Ten years ago, copies that came up were selling for $700 or more. But the market has softened quite a bit. I've sold copies on this forum for $500+, but the economy has changed since then. :)

As with the other book I have for sale, I'll start with:

-$215 OBO + s/h


-$195 + s/h AND a donation to myArmoury of at least $10

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