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Hello friends!
The past remains the past. We canīt change it, we can only learn from it. Options how we will do this are now endless. At least it seems to me like that when I compare Viking times and this digital age.
So more than a month ago I launched my new profile on Patreon (link below). Why?

To support my effort to preserve old and honest crafts.
To help me more intensively dedicate my time to weaponsmithing.
To reveal more of my work and life to my fans.
To get the chance to make more detailed videos for people interested in weaponsmithing and learning techniques.
To support me in the hard economic times when orders are low.
To show you more of me as a weaponsmith, a husband, a hardworker, a father of two girls, a Viking soul.
To make at least two worthy giveaways each month for my members.

So far, 3 kinds of membership are available. I will be grateful if you become my Warrior, Berserker or Jarlīs Guard.
For more details please click the link below.

There is just this one day left and this TOMAHAWK and FIRESTRIKER (GIFTS FOR MAY) will find its new owners - TOMAHAWK for level JARL'S GUARD and FIRESTRIKER for level BERSERKER on my Patreon. So far I have just a few patrons and the chance of getting these items is high.

Becoming my patron means:
- getting access to premium content that I create only for my patrons
- a chance to get one of my precious and useful gifts EVERY month
- early access review of my new items (one day earlier published for sale for my patrons)- other benefits that are yet to comeThank you!

Thank you! Thank you!

My Patreon:
Get access to exclusive premium content.
It is also a chance to get one of several gifts for my patrons each month!

My Store:
You can find each available item in my store.

My Facebook:
Follow my FB profile for all news and daily progress

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Ahoj Peter,

It seems there might be something wrong with your Facebook profile. When I click on the link, it is saying that the link "expired". It may simply be a wrong link or it might have to do with some privacy settings that you might have turned on on your profile (I'm guessing the link leads to your profile and not to a Facebook page).

Anyway, it would be good if you took a look into that as some people who might be interested may not reach you this way.

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