Hmm is it the picture or the sword?
Okay I meant to scan the pictures in but maybe you guys know what I'm talking about. I happened to be looking at my Arms and Armor catalog #13 and noticed that what was billed as the 12th century sword at the time looks like it has a completely different blade then the 12th century sword that I own (formerly owned by Patrick Kelly). I checked catalog 14 just to make sure and yep it's a completely different picture. Anyone know why the switch was made? Craig?
Howdy Russ
Sorry slow on the uptake still, just to damn much going on. :-)

The 12th C in Cat 13, if I am remembering this correctly, was a bit of a snafu. The blade for the photo model got put on the wrong piece and we did not catch it for quite some time. One of the draw backs to having just a few sets of eyes proof checking. The model in the last version of cat 14 was the right item. This was one of the swords we redid the parts for about a year and a half ago??. Time gets expanded and compressed in the shop so its tough for me to pluck it out of the air like this :-). Things I swear I did not so long ago will actually be like 6 years ago and other times I will think man its been ages since that happened and then I figure it out and its only been months.

Thus the discrepencies and alterations. Sometimes when we reconfigure an item it confuses the timeline as well, not only for me but the customers as well. It can work the other way as well. Not so long ago a customer found an inconsistancy in the measurments from a published source on one of our replicas and I thought how did we screw it up. It was something I had worked on to get as right as possible. After investigation we realized the dimensions listed were off not the item. It happens to the everyone and some point. I know one sword that has a couple different published lengths and if you are using these to scale an item it will through the whole shebang off.

Let me know if there is anything else I didn't cover in your query.

Nope that's got it almost. Just one thing, what blade IS on that sword in catalog 13? I kind of like the combination... :)

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