This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Hi folks,

some time ago I noticed the long-lasting sale at DF site. Practically they've listed all their products 40% off, including the revered Daimyo Tamahagane models. Possibly to do with the global pandemic and big decline in economy.

However, I might've been bit late. Their Shobu version is already sold out. While I can get a perfect brand new Tamahagane Shinogi-zukuri for $1500 from DF as we speak, what I wish to own is the Shobu-zukuri (it was priced the same). It's the geometry I prefer.

Should say that I currently own 2 of their Daimyo Tri-steel FFs. One is wonderfully customized by Salvatori Moretto, the other is stock. Through the years I've owned a couple more of these - all were great examples of top level production katana, with awesome blades. Now it might be the time to add their top tier Tamahagane Shobu to my collection.

What this topic is started for: if anyone has a pristine (I mean it, especially the blade), never cut with DF Daimyo Tamahagane Shobu and is willing to let it go, please contact me via PM. I'm willing to pay close to the current price for a brand new one ($1500) for yours, if its stock and like new. If it has a customization done and it suits my taste, of course I could pay a bit more for it.

Wish you all health and good fortune!