Hi Everyone,

First time here on I've always been fascinated with Medieval Arms & Armour and would like to try my hand at some reproductions, specifically a War Hammer. Where would I find plans, i.e measurements/dimensions for constructing one?

Hello Fergal and welcome to myArmoury!

I know that there are top smiths that are on this board that will be able to give you exemplary information. I would start by visiting museum sites. They often have information as to the measurements of the weapons as well as fairly detailed pictures. The Wallace Collections and Royal Armoury at Leeds are two that you could start with. I know that one question that will be asked is what time frame are you looking at? I hope that this helps.
Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply, I will definitely check out The Wallace Collection & The Royal Armoury in Leeds. My specific interest is in impact weapons and the development of such weapons from Clubs, Maces & War Hammer over the centuries.

Kind regards,
Fergal Hardiman.
You are welcome Fergal. I hope that it gives you a good start. I would also look at the Links section here as there are a lot of good resources. I am looking forward to seeing what you find and produce from those findings.

I would also like to thank you as this has rekindled my interest into late 13th to early 14th century impact weapons.

Trivia: the word "hammer" has changed meaning over time. When these weapons were being used, the term "hammer" referred to the sharp pointy part, not the blunt bludgeoning part. The blunt bludgeoning part of this weapon was called a "poll". That's why this weapon was called a "pollhammer" - it is a hammer with a poll on the back.
Hi Scott and Dan,

Thank you for replies. The information you gave is very helpful.


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