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Hi there ! Im new to the forum and this is my first post. So, i wanted a little help in making decision for building my first armor.
I come from Serbia, and we have some nice young armourers who make fine armor for dueling and bohurt.
They want me in bohur team but i am not yet ready for that stuff. I particurlary like 16thc and some 17thc armours.
One armor came into my eye and i really like the looks of it. I wanted to ask about its functionality in duels and team battles and what weapons could i use it it.

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Don't even start to think about building your armour until you get your soft kit sorted.
Heed Dan's advice of you will do it all over again and again until you do heed his advice (because I might not have listened
to that advice years ago)!

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Yes, that will be definitely needed for practice . But now about this armor i posted, is it good for combat, is it flexible enough ? I know cause of shoulders you can't use double handed weapons.
I think it is a cavalry armour, it might be better to find a footsoldier armour from similar period and style for use in bohurt.
My tuppence worth: talk to the armourers who specialise in Buhurt armours. They will tell you EXACTLY what matters in terms of functionality. From that, you can start looking at periods and styles that will work for what it needs to do. Right now it looks like you are putting the cart before the horse.
Re: Armor
Srecko Zivkovic wrote:
Yes, that will be definitely needed for practice . But now about this armor i posted, is it good for combat, is it flexible enough ?

All of this is dependent on how good your soft kit is. Soft kit isn't for practice. It is your arming doublet and arming hose and the mail voiders. It is everything that is worn underneath the armour. Think of it as the foundation for a house. Find the best person you can. Get it custom-tailored. Don't skimp on the cost. If you mess this up, you will never be happy with your armour no matter who makes it for you.
I misunderstood about soft kit, i thought about something else. Yes, it is most important step, cause you are building armor on top of arming clothing, so you have to make it fit correctly on it.
If pauldrons do not work with two-handed weapons, why do they so often appear on later infantry armour? Pauldrons work fine with great weapons, if they are made properly, but many modern smiths admit that making pauldrons right is one of the toughest things there is. There are few than can. Spaudlers are made wrong most of the time, too, but they will still allow one to move OK if they are too large, the usual thing to do wrong, except for getting jammed in one's armscyes every now and again.

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