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Antique 17th Century Japanese Samurai 'Fighting' Full Suit Armour, Here we have a fantastic rare antique 17/18th century Japanese Samurai 'Fighting' full suit of armour, This is a genuine original and complete suit of samurai armour which dates from Late Momoyama / Early Edo period composite incorporating the kiritsuke style, the wakidate is probably showa and a later period. While this armour does display beautifully and looks great, there is considerable parts that would need ultimately restoring, the laquer (the urushi) is chipped in places and the lacing has come apart in some others, the same has happened with the shin guards, overall it displays very nicely. A exceedingly pleasing style of armour, It consists of Kabuto (helmet), Hanpo (half mask), dou (chest), arms, shins and chainmail skirt, comes with original box and a wooden stand. Perfect for museums, serious collectors, corporate offices, japanese enthusiasts, dealers, displays, lectures, historians and much much more!

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