This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

This was originally sold under a payment plan that they buyer didn't follow through with. Gave him some time but at this point it's being relisted.

This is cross posted on another forum. To date this is the best handling sword I've ever held. It has a slightly longer grip than the Met museum Alexandria, and that shows in it's POB and handling.

Price is $2500 USD with shipping in the CONUS paid by me. I will also ship internationally, but you would pay for shipping. I will still do payment plants, but they will be fairly strict given the previous sale.

Measurements from Sulowski:

total length: 117cm (46.1in)
blade length: 87cm(34.25in)
Blade width: 79mm (3.11in)
Thickness of blade (at the base): 5mm (1.97in)
weight: 1725g (3.8lbs)
balance: 8,5cm (3.35in)
grip length: 23,6cm (9.3in)
hardness: 52HRC

Possibly the last Alex Sulowski will do. PM with any questions.

Pictures can be found here:

[ Linked Image ]