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Includes scabbard and belt (the belt is sized for an Extremely Large™ individual, so it might take some work to get it to fit you if you're not a stocky build). Grip, scabbard, and belt are all ox blood.

I've never cut with it; thought I'd want to get into arming swords, but my heart's just not in it, so this guy has to go to make space for another longsword :)

Photos (such as they are; my camera is a potato)

Product listing:

NOTE!!!Mine is the Special Edition of the sword, which for some reason they no longer have listed on their site. The craftsman series is basically the same sword with different steel -- the listing is 6150, but I believe the one I have is 1060.

I'm asking $600 + $50 to ship anywhere in the CONUS.

PayPal only, please. PM me with your offer. [/b]