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Hi everyone,

While cleaning a relative's closet, I came across two swords that might be interesting. Specific information would be deeply appreciated, TIA.

The first has a cast handle. There is writing etched into the fuller, but it has been mostly ground off at some point. The other side of the blade is completely flat ground, like an Emerson knife. The trademark on the blade reads "WEYERSBERG


The second sword is very light weight, barely 2lbs. Decorative etching on the blade, decorative bronze accents on the steel scabbard. The trademarke is etched, not stamped, and reads "PETTIBONE BROS MFG. Co CINTIO".

1st one is a fraternal sword deriving from the 1872 cavalry officer sword, can't tell which org but perhaps a more knowledgeable member can chime in. The second is an Argentinean artillery troops sword to the best of my knowledge.
The Pettibone lion pommel saber is a fraternal society sword. The Knights Pythias were fond of this on about or past the Span Am war.

[ Linked Image ]

If there is any etching on the blade, that might id the society group (or tracing an owner's name). These are not uncommon and very possibly of the 20th century. The current New Testament for fraternal swords is

I don't know the short sword but I would think mountain troops or police. A number of countries and Germanic states had very similar swords. The sword would date after Weyersburg&Kirschbaum united in the 1880s but I would suspect this one to be of the WWI period. I might stumble upon the model and country but if there are no other replies here, try chatting up Dale Martin and George Wheeler by registering and posting the sword at

Yes, letters and a coat of arms ground off would be a big clue it is Argentinian.

Images on internet searches.


Towards the bottom of the page
Model 1898 Artillery Sword by Weyersberg
Thank you! That helps a ton!

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