Closest to a Lutel Falchion?
Hey so quick question. Whats the most similar falchion for sale to a Lutel falchion?
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The 2 closest I can find when it comes to the style of the blade and hilt is "The Vassal" on albion swords
and this one from armour venue. (but im not a fan of the cross guard on this one)
is there any others out there yall could reccomend?
If itís just the blade youíre after, would you consider a messer? I would take a look at Landsknecht Emporium if I were you or possibly a sharp Ensifer you could also ask them to put their messer blade on a sword hilt if youíre really set on that look.
Look up someone that makes messers and swords and just ask,It's not so hard for them to put a sword pommel and hilt on a messer blade. They'll probably take the comission as a custom job.

Landscknecht Emporium is a top tier option. Danelli has done something similar before I believe, with the two handed falchion.

Or ask Arma Bohemia if they can put it together (they surely can), They're a shop that sells stock and one-offs from various european makers, and according to their website most of their business is done through custom comissions.
There are two Angus Trim falchions over at Kult of Athena - similar, but more expensive.

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