Resources on 14th century Italy

I have been trying to research the types of common troops and the equipment used in Northern Italy in the early 1300s (1300 g 1350). I am most interested in light infantry.

Searching this site and others has produced a few nuggets, such as a few illustrations and some discussion of the political situation, but not much specific information on troop types or tactics. Can anyone direct me to that kind of resource?

I am also trying to put together a generic list of historically appropriate clothing and equipment for a light infantry man of that place and period. So far I've arrived at an open face helmet (visor less basinet?) A maile shirt, short spear, strap shield (rectangular?), And a baselard dagger with wool tunic and hose for clothing. Any suggestions to improve this?

Thank you.
Thank you! I was not aware of that page.

I do see some depictions of light infantry there with open face basinets but it looks like spangen helm and even simple skull caps over a coif were a common choice for infantry on foot. Good news, as those are easier to get

I see the kind of shield I was describing depicted as well, but rarely and only with spear men on foot. The heater seems to be the default for both horse and foot, with an occasional round strap shield thrown in toward the middle of the century.

Doesn't look like anything in my list was necessarily wrong for the period, but a couple of the items would have been the less common choice.

Thanks again.
I'd recommend the Castello di Sabbionara d'Avio frescoes, as these show a lot of infantry in good detail. No particular site to direct you to but most of the stock photo services have sequences and you can get to them via a google search.
Further to Anthony's suggestion: the November issue of 'The Armourer' magazine has a 4 page article + photos of the Avio frescoes, with details of armour, helmets, swords, spears etc.
Hi, besides armor in art, I would check some books about it, like Ian Heath's armies of the middle ages vol. 1 and Osprey's Italian Militiamen.

I don't know exactly how different light infantry equipment in North Italy was different from Central and South Italy, but weapons like crossbows, darts, spears and so were always common. It doesn't necessarily relate to what you asked but the Genoese Crossbowmen were definitely well-armored (I don't remember how, but there were legislations regarding minimum equipment).

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