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Lutel Handicraft ghosting me
I was wondering if anyone had any information on Lutel Handicraft? About a year and 3 months ago I ordered and paid for a pappenheim rapier with leather hanger. Nothing was custom, it was one of their offerings at the time. Contact with them was spotty, they rarely replied to emails, I finally got through to them on facebook and I was told at around 6 months, 8 months, and then a year that my sword would be completed in 3-4 weeks. Since then nothing and it appears that they have either deleted their facebook page or blocked me on it. Are they still in opperation? Or should I make peace with throwing away my money?
Are you sure you were dealing with Lutel Handicrafts and not the other one - Lutel.eu?
Yup, http://www.lutel-handicraft.com. Replies to my questions were signed "Jan Krasl"
If you send me more details and if you wish, I can phone them. I donīt know if it will help, but at least I can try. I live in the Czech Republic not far from their place. Actually, I have one of their swords.
I have also ordered a Hand and half sabre in December 2018, last response which I received from Lutel (after I sent dozens of message via mail):

My apologies for problems with our communication, we had some technical problems with our email client.
Also our we have some issues with our workshop and it looks we will have to end our career at the end of year
But no worries your order should be finished most probably during 3 weeks. When it will be close to finish I will contact you again and we can shcedule your visit, OK?
Best regards
Jan Krasl "

I have paid not that much (only 50% of actual price) but stil this is money. Anyone can contact with him? If he doesn't have money or is bankrupt then he should inform about it. Not answering an email is not a good way.
I have spoken with the owner of the company on the behalf of Christopher and situation is like this: Mr. Jatel, the owner of Lutel, has been ill for three months so there are some delays in all his project. Moreover, heís been abandoned by his co-workers so at the moment heís the only craftsman in his company. Even more Jan Krasl who was responsible for English speaking costumers and running their Facebook doesnít work with him anymore. Mr. Jatel doesnít speak English nor can use computers, however he is willing to finish all ordered and payed projects. As soon as he completes the last one, heíll closed the company down. He also would like to apologize for any inconveniences heís caused.
Oh, damn. That's unexpectedly grave news. I'll be really sad to see them go, and not only because there were several things from them I had planned to order when finances improve.
No, that's not good at all.

...Is there any reason for the company going under in this manner? To lose all of the staff in seemingly short order suggests that there has been a catastrophic shortcoming on part of management. The concept of letting a great name like Lutel die out is quite distressing.
A real shame. He made some uncommon pieces.
Darn. Real pity. Just sold a custom Swiss Saber made by them! Fortunately i have one sharp and one blunt left... O.o
Ow it is really sad news :( Mirek Macek do you have any e-mail or contact to Mr. Jatel (or could you contact him in my name)? I would like to make sure that I am still interested in completing my order. I am from Poland (I guess you too), so send me private message if you can.
:\ I also made an order 1 month ago and received no reply. I've been trying to contact them since July , sent many emails but have not received any kind of response.

Is there any chance that they will accept my order?
Is really the situation that bad?
It is the same with me here. Ordered two swords and was said multiple times that they are ready within two weeks. Good to hear that the order and the money is not gone. I wish I could have my money back instead of waiting another couple of months but since he is probably not able to manage the PayPal repay stuff it is better than nothing. Wish he could have informed us in any way or another, I was getting very pissed and felt scammed. It is sad to see them go.
I also ordered a halberd earlier this year. If he Is willing to still complete it then thats great. It would be nice to still have contact somehow to confirm shipping addresses and things like that.
Joining in, I ordered a sword this February. Got one response in late summer claiming email difficulties. No further responses to emails after that. I guess now one can only hope the money is not gone for good. Nice that this thread had some information though.
This is concerning, i placed an order for two swords back in Mars and have heard nothing from then since.
If heís willing to complete paid orders then thatís Good, problem is iíll Be moving soon and i canít reach out with My New shipping adress, Guess all i can do is Hope it arrives before that.
I have received a list of Lutel-handicrafs customers names. If there are any changes in your delivery addresses send me pm. I will inform Mr. Jatel then.

Chris Mumford USA (finished)
Piotr Sobotkowski Poland
Harlan Sang USA
Harri Kokko Finland
Sergiy Lozovsky USA
Florian Ammermann Germany (if he still wants them)
Justin Colombo England
Laurenz Kracher Austria
Jeremy Letheule USA
Steffen Kappel Germany
Tim Junge Gemany
Jonathan Mahon USA
Fredrik Gustavsson Sweeden
Harald Ehgartner Germany
Fernando Ortiz de Za Spain
Sarah Murphy USA
Donald Whitworth USA
Alan Ewers USA
David Nelson USA
Nik Miller USA
Ari Kaunisto Finland

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Thanks Mirek! You're a life saver!
Thank you Mirek so very much for providing the list, and Christopher for making the thread in the first place. I ordered a custom-ish longsword in march, and it was supposed to be delivered by the end of september, so after a month passed after that, I started emailing them with no response. Then I saw the facebook page had closed and feared the worst. It wasn't until last week that I decided to see if this was mentioned somewhere in the internet that I stumbled upon this site and this forum. Now I see that I am on the list (albeit with my second surname instead of the first), and I'm really relieved.

Let's hope we all get our orders done, I'm optimistic after this. I will post when I get mine, so others can have an estimation of how much untill they get theirs.

I am new to this site.
the third of may I ordered and paid 423 Euro for a Viking sword.
Delivery was scheduled in 6months time, that would be november this year.
When I saw Lutel Handicrafts webside terminated, I searched the web and found myArmoury and this discussion.
I see there are others in the same situation.
Is the list published here intended to be complete? My name is not on it.

With regards

Rodney Pettersen
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