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Is anyone else having difficulties in logging into SFI lately ? For the last few days I've not been able to access them. Apologies if this isn't the place to ask
Yeah, I saw it was "Not Found" yesterday, same thing today. Hasn't been much activity in a long time, but it would be a shame to lose all that information.

Message Mark here,

He was not responding to email Tuesday

I hit his email within hours and then spent a couple of days messaging back and forth on FB. Sort of a Huh? Imagine that. Maybe it was the Server move,,,,,,,,,,,,,When was that?..............

Monday night apparently. He did respond to a thread the next day re missing posts.

"Can't duplicate that screen.........." "Chrome is evil" "No one else has complained"
On and on and I did admit to not being a guru but did confirm to him today that it affects many browsers, not just chrome.

www.swordforum.com should work for you.

http://www.swordforum.com/vb4/activity.php should work for you and is possibly the only portal Mark bookmarks.

Trying a bookmark for a specific subforum, or clicking on a thread link (posted or in a search) will get you the Not Found screen.

The old front pages long gone but reachable via archive.org

There is something in the coding that has redirected to spam in internet searches for years and that now times out, so my hunch is something in the coding. Backing out of the re-direct and clicking the search result worked until now.


not as peculiar as clicking a forum and getting the "This account has been suspended" ;)
When I try to visit SFI my virus scanner goes crazy. I've been getting that regularly for a couple of years now, so I no longer visit there.
SFI is still there. The link has changed. Try this

SFI was maliciously hacked a while ago and, as a result, some virus checkers added SFI to their list of dangerous sites. It is fine now.
Thanks Dan, bookmarks updated. A bunch of icons have gone absent on the full editor page. See the test section.

I've had no problems accessing SFI at all.
E.B. Erickson wrote:
I've had no problems accessing SFI at all.

It depends on your bookmark. If you linked to www.swordforum.com, you would be redirected to the forums and would have noticed no problem. If your bookmark linked directly to the forums then that stopped working about a week or so ago when it was changed to the one I noted above.

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