Tip of A&A English longsword
Hey, guys.

A few years ago I picked up an arms and armor english longsword at the bristol renaissance faire. I just noticed a fee weeks ago that mine has a much less tapered tip than all the others I see pictured online.

I know handmade stuff is never identical, but this seems very different. I was just wondering if A&A changed the style of blade they put on these, or if this is normal? It's just been driving me crazy so I thought I would try to find out.
I do know that A&A does change things every once and a while. Would it be possible to post an image of the tip of yours so that we could see it? Hopefully Craig Johnson will see this and chime in.
My understanding is that A&A sells some one-offs and pieces that did not quite come out as planned at ren faires. Nothing wrong with those pieces: evidently you liked what you saw and got what you wanted, probably for a good price.
Scott, I've been trying but I'm still trying to resize it to fit the size limit.

J.D., I know they do that. It was not tagged as such. I'm very happy with it, I just want to understand if this is how they sell them now, or if I buy another will it have a more tapered blade?
Here we go.

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It might be good to show the entire sword in profile, showing a difference than what the site shows.


Fwiw, even a type XV from them was not a needly point and my two type XVIII were never finger tip prickly.

The little image you share doesn't really show a great difference than what is listed.


[ Linked Image ]
[ Linked Image ]

I often use imgr.com and you can also reduce image size either with your camera settings or when sharing to email, or software.
Good luck.
I agree with Glen that it is tough to tell what variation overall there is from just the picture of the tip.

Have you tried to contact Craig Johnson through PM here? He would better be able to help with this question.
Here's the whole thing.

English longsword https://imgur.com/gallery/HrGT47V
English Longsword
HI Robert

Hmm that does look a broader than we normally do the tip on those, when I look at the pic we have on the webpage it looks thin to me so I think we might have more variation here than we normally allow. Not sure what the specifics of your sword is. If you would like it adjusted we would certainly be happy to do that. If you like your sword it should perform very well as is. I will try to dial in our spec on this next week and check the details. Maybe I can sort why this came about. I might be we just missed some shape adjustment and did not catch it in process. Let us know what you would like to do.


Arms & Armor Inc.

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