Is this a sidesword?
Just saw an interesting sword from the myArmoury (filename: 00465_Veneto, Circa 1600.jpg) misc. swords photo album, and wanted to know if it was a sidesword. It seems to be, since it's the correct time period, and it has a wide blade. It doesn't show the full length of the blade, so I could be wrong here. If the blade tapered sooner then maybe it could be a parrying dagger, but it seems that the blade tapers rather slowly indicating a longer blade.

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Yes, that is rather interesting.
To me, it looks like a late 17th century - early 18th century hunting hanger, hyrbrid from the side swords of the time.
But the grip looks so small, perhaps it was a blade that was originally from a hanger but shortened and used for a dagger/smallsword.
I have seen lots of similar German and Italian swords from 1610-1650. That one looks very Italian to me( the file name even says Veneto) but I'm sure a more knowledgeable member can give an exact identification. The ones I've seen all had blades that were quite a bit more broad than I'd expect to be used with sidesword techniques. I believe they're usually listed as broadswords in catalogues.

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