Manville Settler's Days 21st-22nd September 2019

I missed doing anything last year and blamed it on the weather. I am once again tentatively going to set up at least something (knives and a handful of swords&books). I'm getting old or something and my motivation is down a bit flying solo but it's good to air some stuff out. The younger guys are doing couples stuff on weekends now. Ironic, in that the fellow first inviting me down there had been in it 100%. Time changes priorities.

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Once I start loading, I always have trouble not grabbing another box or bag. Maybe just the militia swords this year.

I will update that Friday but I'm somehow praying for rain. What a lousy attitude :hyuk: We'll see. Anyway, Road Island at its best on the first weekend of fall. Get off my duff and just do it.



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Is this mic on? ;)

Long range weather is looking promising and I am running out of excuses not to show at least a few swords.

One early forecast was showing an inch of rain for the 22nd but I may have had the wrong state. I'll only know for sure, if I have actually loaded some stuff.

Aside from feeling lousy after a jawbreaker episode, I'm as able as I'll ever be for now.


Last eagle in and would be one of a few swords not in the distant storage. A coupe of militia swords, a European cuttoe, an m1832 artillery sword, another spadroon and a 17th century feldegen would easily get gathered here. My main cache is less easily at hand but I'll know next week if I load out a large horde. The knives would be there.

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I will be out on the field but with only half a dozen swords.

Weather looks stellar for both days.


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