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Apr 11: news and updates
Today's update:

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Spotlight: Oakeshott Type XII Swords
An article by Patrick Kelly

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Albion Knight Sword
A hands-on review by Patrick Kelly

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Albion 13th Century Great Sword
A hands-on review by Chad Arnow

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Albion Knight Sword
Added to Patrick's Collection

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Two excellent reviews posted - thanks Chad and Patrick!

Of particular interest was Chad's on the Squire Line bastard sword. I've been wrestling with my choice to order this particular piece vs. it's Next Gen counterpart, and this has put me a bit more into the "comfortable" range. I'm in the queue for one soon, and am looking forward to experiencing it firsthand. I feel I will find it money well-invested.

I am the very proud owner of the Knight myself, and have to echo the same enthusiasm about the piece that Patrick put forth. For me, it was really a joy to open the magic white box, and find what I feel is the embodyment of the Knightly sword within.

Also, a nice installment on the Typology, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The whole series is well done and quite handy and informative. The efforts of all involved in producing this series of articles is much appreciated. Most excellent!
Excellent update!!! The reviews were very much enjoyed, especially the review of the Knightly. At the moment, the NG Decurio spatha is at the top of my list, however, I feel that perhaps the Knightly should be put in its place now.

Again, excellent update gentleman.
Excellent reviews guys! :) That makes two more swords I need to put on the list. I really enjoyed the Typology Spotlight. Those articles just keep getting better and better. I especially like the way you're formatting them now with the overview, Historic Examples, examples in art, and Available Reproductions. This is a great way to help the average collector get a good understanding of a particular type. Keep up the good work. :D :D
I'm glad people seemed to like the update. Thanks for the kind words.

Mark, I'm a big fan of the spotlight series, Oakeshott Type or otherwise. They're meant to be an introduction to the item or type they cover; hopefully they serve that purpose and inspire people to want to learn more about the topic. The series won't end when we run out of Oakeshott types.... :)

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