DIY: Dagger time!
I have recently started to work on some daggers. Both are from 14260 spring steel.
The longer one is 60 cm long, 2,5 cm wide and 6 mm thick, thinning to 3mm towards the point. It has a diamond cross-section. with central fuller, pierced with round and oblong holes. The blade has a reinforced point, but I might not keep it - I may grind it off. The blade represents a type of extremely long left-handed daggers from 16th/17th century. Itīs nearly finished, just needs some cleaning of lines before it goes off to hardening & tempering.
The second one still needs some filing and grinding. It will be a "swordbreaker" type, 16th/17th C., 45 cm long and 4 cm wide, 6mm thick, thinning to 3 mm after the "catcher" section.
Some more dagger blades are in the making, I will post pictures.

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I have always been fascinated with the reinforced points.

Looking forward to seeing the finished knives.
Larger daggers are still waiting for their turn, as I was busy turning something else: a hande for a simple late-form of a ballock dagger, inspired by finds from Mary Rose. Here it goes:

All parts ready for assembly: blade from spring steel, hardened and tempered, handle turned on a lathe from applewood, with reinforcing plate from a bronze sheet (already attached by two small nails) and a bronze cape (and a screwdriver, which obviously does not belong to the set, but likes to take pictures so it slipped-in).

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First assembly, before the final cleaning. The handle has alredy been varnished with oil mixed with fine ash.

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Detail of the cape decoration.
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And the result, with a leather scabbard (two-layered) and a terrible light reflection.
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