Japanese katana, Showa/Edo
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

I have for sale japanese katana, traditionally made. Very good condition.
Here you can see pictures: http://artofswordmaking.com/gallery/katana

blade type: katana, shinogi zukuri
koshirae: Edo, tsuba kaneie mokko gata
tsukamaki: hineri maki, tetsu
nakago: mei
nagasa: Showa, itame hada, hamon choji

Nagasa: 71.5 cm. Sori: 1.0 cm.
Moto-haba: 3.4 cm. Saki-haba: 2.5 cm.
Moto-gasane: 0.7 cm. Saki-gasane: 0.6 cm.

Not sure about the maker, can`t read correctly mei. Koshirae is antique, blade is younger.

Asking 2600 Euro - or your best offer.
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Thanks to one of this forum members - now I know inscription meaning! :)
Here we have additional informations:

Translation side 1: 昭和五十一年八月日 / Shouwa gojuuichinen hachigatsu nichi / Meaning: (made in) Shouwa (era) 51th year, 8th month, (on a) sunday.
The 51th year of the Shouwa corresponds to 1976 in our calender. In other words the blade was made on a Sunday in August of 1976.
Translation side 2: 加藤兼國作 (the kanji are inscribed with a chisel and highly stylized but this should be the correct spelling) / Katou Kanekuni saku / meaning: Katou Kanekuni made this.

There were three smiths with that name and signature working in 1976 (grandfather, father and son):

(not entirely certain about this but I think they correspond to these three smiths)

I'm not sure which one made this particular blade.

I also found other swords made by that smith / those smiths:
This one for example, if you click on the pictures you can see it has the exact same inscription:

Another one by the same smith/smiths:

It seems that can be some nice blade with old koshirae set. That makes the above price very occasional :) Real bargain at the moment :)
I would consider the price higher after my holidays (after 16 July).

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