Proper brace height for a yew self bow.

I acquired a yew bow awhile back and want to get into using it. IRS draw weight is over 50 pounds, the length about 72 inches. Hiw does one determine the proper brace height? Also, is there a modern maker of medieval style bowstrings?

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A good rough estimate is make a fist with the thumb up and place the heel of your hand on the belly the string should be touching the tip not very scientific I know but that is also assuming the how is the proper length for your draw for a 72" I think it's like 6-7"
There is no standard string length for a proper brace height, for a self bow of a certain length like there is with modern fibreglass recurves and longbows.

For many self bows, 4" less than the nock to nock length is a good place to start. That won't necessarily guarantee a 6-7" fistmele(between the handle and the string). Factors like reflex, or stringfollow, thickness/style of the handle can effect how long the string needs to be.

The easiest way to find the string length is to use a string with a loop for the top limb, and no loop on the lower limb. Instead you tie a bowyers knot. If the string's brace height is not enough you retie the knot a little shorter, up the string, then re test until correct.

Maybe then you can use that measurement to make a double looped string of the correct length. Even then its not a guarantee, the new string may need to be twisted to shorten. If there is still too much difference you will need to make a new string.

Factor in the type of string material(some stretch more than others when shot in after a while), method of construction endless, or flemish, there are so many variables, that only trial and error will guarantee the right length for both you and your bow.

Probably not the answer you want to hear, but it is important to get a self bow braced correctly, if braced too high the bow can get overstressed and break.

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