Titanium Gold & Tungsten Carbide
Yes, I know, titanium is hyped a LOT. I swear, I'm not entirely ignorant. 'Entirely' being the key word.
Anyway, I was thinking that a lighter, stronger blade might be effectively fashioned from a spine of titanium and, since titanium can't hold an edge at all, tungsten carbide edges. The only possible problem I see with this is that titanium is sort of like aluminum foil- aluminum is strong, if you look at the strength/weight ratio alone, but near useless if you want to make anything that'll take a pounding.
So, my question is whether this type of blade would be feasible, and what factors specifically make a metal sword-capable, since all these different strengths and moduli are just confusing me more. In addition, if titanium does or doesn't work as a spine, would titanium alloys, such as titanium gold (Ti3Au)?
And if titanium is effective in elemental form (say, grade 4), chromium/nickel electroplating should prevent decay of the titanium, right?

EDIT: To be clear, I'm not looking for a pure stabbing implement. I want this blade to handle a combination of cutting and stabbing impacts without overly adverse damage to itself.
Titanium Gold & Tungsten Carbide
Follow-up question; would compressing the titanium prove to be an effective method of strengthening it? I know that some metals are stronger under compression, but I wasn't sure if that principle applies here.

The OP in this post on Bladeforums has had a lot of success making swords and machetes from titanium alloys. He might be willing to answer some of your questions. You can learn a lot just from perusing his threads as well.

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