I recently purchased what appears to be a British 1821 LCS, however it has brass fittings and a brown leather grip, unlike the normal troopers sword which has steel fittings and a black leather grip. I assumed it was a British Yeomantry variant, but upon further investigation, I discovered that the Yeoman's 1821 has no ears on the backstrap, a black raysking grip, and a brass scabbard (mine has a steel one). It's possible that this is still a Yeoman 1821 and there was some variation, but I'm having trouble confirming that. I'm also wondering if this was an export saber to the Americas. It does bare a superficial resemblance to the US Dragoon 1833.

The saber has a 35 inch blade (same as the 1821) and is marked "H. Sargant" (an English sword manufactorer). The seller also listed the sword as having the markings "W.T." although I don't know where, or if that indicates inspection, initials, or something else entirely.

Any leads or insights would be greatly appreciated. I've been sleuthing this saber for the past two days with no real luck, just more questions.