Hollow-ground Type XV with half-wire wrap by Shane Allee
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Shane Allee offered this sword, made using an Albion/Ollin Sword Design blade, back in 2012. He seems to have gone inactive since then, but you can see his original post about it here: http://myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?p=256537

It's never really been used since then. No rust or patination that I can see. Condition is perfect. Leather on the grip is perfectly tight. The metal hilt furniture is blackened, and the half-wire wrap appears to be steel, although it takes on a brassy note to my eyes at times, so I can't be sure about that.

The only imperfection I ever noticed is the crossguard appears to be very slightly canted in the plane of the blade - that is to say, one end is pointed slightly forward towards the blade's tip, and the other slightly back towards the pommel. I'm not sure I managed to capture it in the photos, which goes to show how minor it is. To me it just makes the sword look a little more authentic than the perfectly-symmetrical Albions and such.

I would like $700 for this piece. $650 if you want to use a non-PayPal method, and $600 for local pickup with cash.

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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Bump for this piece. Good chance to get a high-quaity blade with plenty of custom work for a good price. The sword is overall very comparable to Albion's Castellan, in general form and style, although I think it's just a bit nicer, what with it having a hollow-ground blade, a half-wire wrap, and blackened hilt furniture. I went ahead and took mh own measurements, and though I can't claim they're exact, here they are:

Overall length: 979mm
Blade length: 783mm
Blade width @ base: 60mm
Crossguard width: 210mm
Pommel length: 73mm
Grip length: 125mm (note that the foremost part of the pommel serves as an additional grip length - this measurement is only for the leather-wrapped portion, not including the pommel)
Center of balance: 95mm from base of blade
Center of percussion: 495mm from base of blade
Pivot point: ~450mm from base of blade
Weight: 1.196 kilos

Also, typo in the topic title, this is a XVa, not a XV. The pommel is clearly designed to extend the grippable area, and the sword handles just as easily in one hand or two.

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