16th-18th century European antique swords -- buy/trade
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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone here on the forum has any relic-condition pre-19th century straight-bladed antique swords in the $100-500 range they are looking to sell or trade. For instance, there was a relic-condition Walloon up on the big Michigan dealer's site last week for just a few hundred bucks but it went within minutes. It was pretty rough but as some of you know, I like examples with a lot of patina, character, and even damage.

In addition to the rougher examples, I am feeling restless about my collection at the moment and may be open to trades to mix it up a bit and go for something higher than that relic range. For instance, I have a mid-17th c. Scottish ribbon hilt basket (see attached, second from top) that I might consider trading for the right mortuary, Walloon, or other northern European 17th-century broadsword.

So... tell me what you've got! Thanks.

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This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

Thanks to everyone who has sent a PM or emailed thus far! Special thanks to the Continental collector who was kind enough to analyze some of my current pieces with his expert eye.

Still looking for interesting antiques, with the top priorities being 16th-c. baskets and Walloons.

A related quest... I would also like to find the Continental basket replica that our host Nathan commissioned from E.B. Erickson, later sold/traded among other forum members. The antique upon which it was based is the top one in my picture above. It cries out for its sibling. Please help reunite them. :)
This listing has been REMOVED and is no longer active

More thanks for the PMs and emails. Special thanks to the current owner of the EBE basket hilt I mentioned for getting in touch.

Still interested in straight backswords or broadswords with Walloon, basket, or other hilts.

Another type that came to mind recently are those English broadswords and backswords of the 1700s that look at first glance like a mortuary hilt, with a "ribcage" style basket. There are several very fine examples in this thread: http://myArmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=35739

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