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For those who know, Michael Pikula is one of the top bladesmiths that the USA has ever produced, mainly specializing in Viking era swords, but he has pretty much stopped making swords except for occasional high end pieces.

I'm selling this magnificant Pikula sword, in excellent condition. It's loosely based on various Viking era types found in Britain and Scandanavia, mainly associated with Anglosaxon culture, with some inspiration from the Cawood medieval sword at the pommel. I'm not sure what is more impressive, the clean, wide-fullered blade, or the intricate filework on the pommel. At nearly 32" x 2 5/8", the blade looks massive, but the overall weight is only a well-balanced 2.5 pounds, and the comfortable, outward curving guards make this sword a joy to wield in any grip style, compared to most Viking swords. Michael is not known for his fancy grips,so this one has been upgraded by a previous owner. It also comes with the pictured scabbard.

Why am I selling it, if its so great? Just because I don't have an English background, and want to make room for another equally nice piece that better fits my cultural roots.

But this can be yours for the mere price of $1600 USD (paypal charges included) + shipping.

Regards, JD

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