Windlass Arbedo Sword (recent batch through KoA)
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

This is the Arbedo Sword by Windlass Steelcrafts that used to sell through MRL.
KoA recently commissioned a limited run of this classic sword. Purchased about six months ago.
Retails new $210 + shipping.
Offering it for $180 + $15 shipping CONUS. Unsharpened.
Offers welcomed, Paypal accepted (F+F, or add 3%).

Only dry-handled (taken out of shipping box, drawn from scabbard, swung around in the air, maybe stabbed cardboard box).
Miniscule rotation of pommel base against the woodcore grip - when handling with off-hand on the pommel. Probably due to a slight variance the rectangular section of the tang where it fits through the pommel. Typical of entry-level production swords. Guard is rock solid. Peen is secure.

Blade is somewhat whippier than you'd expect for a 'type XVIIIa'-ish sword. Blade stock is less than 3/16", but it's quite wide giving it lateral strength. I wouldn't worry about the blade twisting/warping horizontally.
For comparison, the blade flexes a little more easily than my Hanwei Tinker Single Hand Medieval Sword.
Would make a great backyard cutter, or RenFaire costume piece (which is what I originally got it for).
The hilt furniture is quite attractive.

KoA stats:
Overall Length: 39 3/8''
Blade length: 31''
Blade: 1065 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 2 lb 12 oz
Edge: Unsharpened
P.O.B.: 4 1/2''
Thickness: 3.3 mm - 2.9 mm
Width: 69.7 mm
Grip Length: 6''
Pommel: Peened


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This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Price drop to $150 +$15 shipping CONUS.
I've received some questions about the sword, so I took it out and handled it again (it's been packed away for a couple months).

There's a little bit more 'rattle' in the pommel than I expected (when striking the side of the pommel with the flat of my hand).
Odd, because it still feels solid and secure. I suspect there's some kind of epoxy filler in the voids where the tang passes through the pommel which has loosened up. It doesn't seem to affect functionality at all.

However, to account for this, I've reduced the price. Could be a simple fix, or make for a good project sword for someone who likes to dismantle, customize, rebuild, etc.

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