Triangle Cross Secton Dagger
I'm in search of something I thought I saw here before and the search function has left me hanging.

My recollection is that several years ago there was a posting of one or more daggers of triangular cross section - not in the manner of a stiletto or rondel dagger with a more or less equilateral cross section, but a nearly flat isosceles - think standard double-edge dagger with a diamond cross section, but split down the middle of that cross along the profile of the blade, where if you looked at it from one side, you'd think you had a standard diamond cross section dagger, but from the other side you'd think you had an unfinished flat blade with a standard profile taper, but no distal taper and no edge as yet.

Something just brought this to my mind earlier today and now I'm hoping to find it.

Thanks for any help.
There are a few daggers with a triangular cross-section like this and it's really not restricted to any one place or time. For example, several ballock daggers and dudgeon daggers and scottish dirks have a three sided blade, but certainly not all. Some swiss baselard types have three sides, with a broad flat side, but not all.

Chad Arnow reviewed of an Arms and Armor swiss dagger which has this kind of cross section, and you can see it in some of the shots. I've got a similar dagger and can post a point-on photo later which would clearly show this cross section; then you can let us know if this is what you mean.

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I think that's the one!

I know they were generally the odd-duck, but I did recall seeing them.

A guy was asking about whether it might be a good idea to forge his brand new piece of steel into a sword using this method. Most smiths came back with a resounding "NO!", but it did remind me that I'd seen something dagger length here.

I think the only thing I've seen sword length are maybe "butterfly swords", but I think even those tend to be shorter and have a much different profile.


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