Various Flint Muskets
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

In my continuing quest to pare down my collection to only the Jacobite period, I have several muskets that may be on interest to fellow forumites. As you all know some social media sites (which shall - on the face of things - go nameless here!), throw a hissie fit whenever the terms "gun" or "musket" are used, so I'll post here and hope you guys will help spread the word. Pictures available for serious inquiries.

1. Early English lock musket, c.1620. Approximately 45" barrel. .75 caliber. Iron furniture. Unfired. Sparks well. Good solid piece perfect for 17th century reenacting. I bought this five or so years ago from Track of the Wolf and do not remember the maker. $700.00

2. Long Land Pattern c. 1724. Indian manufacture. Unfired. Early LLP with iron furniture. Sparks well. .75 caliber. This is the musket you see advertised across the internet sites but at a significant saving as I am a motivated seller. $650 new. My price $550. I replaced this years ago with a custom piece from TRS.

3. Kit Ravenshear - built "Queen Anne" musket. Back in the 1980's, famous builder Kit Ravenshear decided to make up some muskets for F&I groups that were neither LLP or Grice-lock SLP muskets. Basically, he modified some Pedersoli Chareyville musket locks to resemble flat-lock Queen Anne doglocks and further modified some English-type musket stocks. These muskets had the advantage of being (1) available and (2) priced right for serious reenactors who wanted a musket that looked authentic but was not a custom piece from The Rifle Shoppe. This musket was used by yours truly back in the day but is in good shape. These muskets are collector's items in their own right it seems and get snapped up pretty quickly (or did last time I checked.) $1200. I have fitted the proper bayonet for this muskets from TRS and will sell with musket at cost. Extra $100

These muskets are offered at or slightly below cost and value. Shipping and insurance are paid by the buyer as is any PP fees that may accrue.

I also have a couple of other muskets that I will be offering, most notably a North West Arms British Officers fusil with bayonet and some other items, If you are looking for something in particular, I may have it. Let me know!
Bump with pictures
This listing is marked SOLD and is no longer available

Per requests, here are pictures of the three muskets for sale.

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