14th century russian kit research
Im thinking about making a 14th or 15th century russian kit that combines articulated arms, legs and lamellar with a conical helm and mail drape. I found an illustration from a textbook with a brief description of the kit here https://i.pinimg.com/originals/95/d4/ec/95d4ecf74943648fc1225882828407f5.jpg What I need is more specific historical references to armor like this. I want this kit to 100% historically acurate and I have literally no idea how to reaserch this.
Well your image is clearly from an Osprey book, and I'd guess it's from Medieval Russian Armies 12501500 (Men-at-Arms 367):


I'd get a copy of that, as Osprey books are cheap and brief reads, but they should get you some sources to start diving into.

At the same time, I'd begin scouring Facebook and the internet for medieval Russian reenactor groups. Reference their kits and, if they have a decent grasp of English, start asking questions of them as a resource.

Past that I'd just start with the ole Google searching.


Should start to pull up some odds and ends, but be careful of sources! Lots of BS - or otherwise well-intentioned but now outdated or incorrect info - out there.

your illustration says "Western Russian heavy cavalryman c. 1375".
I am not particularly interested in that period, but the armor doesn't quite look Russian to me. At that period, Western Russian lands were part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Their aristocracy (which would constitute heavy cavalry) was beginning to be influenced (via Poland) by Western European styles more than traditional Russian ones, in all aspects including weapons and armor. So I suspect what we see on this guy is a mix of generic European (mostly) and Russian/eastern (a little) armor.


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