Charging forward cuts

After conducting 3 tests, I've finally figured out the cutting performance difference between straight and curved swords. The straight sword is much weaker in the running forward cuts while the curved sword's curvature helped to preserve the slicing ability. The katana outperformed the DS in the running forward cuts in both left and right directions, despite being lighter and shorter. The straight sword DS outperformed the curved sword in standing cuts due to higher weight, and outperformed the curved sword in backing away cuts due to longer reach.
In my previous charging forward test cut, I figured out that katana cut way better than the longer straight sword. I wondered if it was the curvature's problem. Later, I analyzed the test cut video frame by frame, and tried to simulate the situation if I was using a longer nodachi. Then I also observed the result of my students using a longer curved sword in the charging forward cuts. I found that while the curvature does help, it wasn't the primary factor. The primary factor was the length of the sword. The longer sword has more reach and allows the user to start the cut earlier. Added with the forward moving motion, the tip will hit the target in a way where there is no slicing but just chopping. Due to the shorter length of katana, I had to move in closer before I could start the cut, thus the sword hit at the target with a slicing angle.

After understanding the mechanism, I figured out that I could adjust the timing I start the cut and the way I cut with on a long straight sword, to add the slicing ability to it as if I was using the katana. This test was a big success.
More practice on forward moving cuts, hitting 14 thin chopsticks cored / 22mm PVC pipe cored newspapers roll.

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