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I have for sale an EBE ribbon hilt with quillons made for me several years ago. The sword is in pristine condition having never been used or carried. I have decided to pare my collection down to focus on my main period of interest which is the Scottish Jacobite rebellion period. The hilt has a dark gray rayskin grip although this is hard to see clearly from the photos. I have mounted a modified Hanwei broadsword blade to the hilt and is surprisingly well-balanced and feels very good in the hand. This is a rather rare opportunity to own an EBE hilt as getting on ElJay's work queue is almost impossible. The hilt itself is $700 and the blade is $200; however, I will be happy to sell the hilt alone. Buyer pays shipping and insurance if wanted and any PP fees. I am selling the hilt at original cost and the blade is at a small loss.

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