Google Books is giving for free Grose's book called "Military Antiquities Respecting a History of the English Army: From the Conquest to the Present Time, Volume 1". Though the archaic English doesn't makes unreadable, there are some relevant points in his book of regarding to weapons:

1) Though I never find someone decisively saying what a "moorish pike" should be, Grose says it basically confirms the 15-foot-tall pike used by the Swiss in the Italian Wars (which was based in the already established 15th c. Italian pike of the same length). He mentions that Scots were using moorish pikes in the Battle of Flodden (1513), which modern authors say it was basically "swiss pikes". He also dismisses the assumption that Prince Maurice of Nassau is the creator of such pikes (I guess his Ordinances prescribes the use of 4,5 - 5m long pikes).

2) A certain "sword-halbert" whose name derives from the shape of the spear, resembling a sword. He says it was the model of the halberd used by the Swiss Papal Guard, though I don't know if I should consider nowadays papal halberds as the same of the 18th guardsmen.