Hello, been a while since I posted anything.

I long time ago I saw a sword here, in one of the sword-piles used in Jurgen Fricker's Historische Waffen catalogues.

The sword was two-handed, a writhen crossguard and globular writhen pommel (I don't recall rings, doesn't mean they weren't there). It had a short ricasso with helix motifs, and two fullers going from inside the ricasso to the blade (I think they were blackened, not 100% sure). The grip was brown leather. No false-guards. It's relative size to the other weapons around definitely makes it a schlachtschwert, though the blade's not terribly wide.

I've been trying to locate the image so I could learn more about the sword itself, but I can't find it anywhere, going back to 2012 editions of the catalogue, though I believe it was earlier. I used to have the image saved, but didn't back it up. I'm pretty sure I first saw it on one oft he forums here, no idea which one though. It's in the background of at least two images of the exhibition room of Schloss Hohnhardt, which I also haven't been able to find again.

It's a very beautiful and distinct weapon to me, so its memory keeps cropping up. I would like to see it again, now that I don't sketch like garbage. I know it's not a lot to go on, but does anyone know what sword I'm talking about? It's been a long time.